The cost of dreaming

Inspiration.  It’s a tricky and fleeting thing at times.  It visits me in the car or in the haze of the morning before I open my eyes.  I probably should pull over or grab the pen off my nightstand and scribble down these insights because soon, they fade to black.

Dreams are the same way.  They visit me in meditations and whispers, in my sleep or wanderings.  I knew someone in college who kept a journal of her dreams; I always admired that about her.  My dream journal never got past three entries, preferring the snooze button to the pen.

I finding I must fight harder and harder to keep inspiration and dreams present in my life.  My privilege afforded that I could dream whenever I wanted, thus taking that precious time for granted that now doesn’t come as easy.

For others it hasn’t been the same.  Some have always had to fight for their dreams and to be inspired. They have chosen to live into those ideals with tenacity and fervor.

Such is the case with Zintathu.  I was introduced to these images and her story by a friend of mine from college, Justin.  He has started a non-profit seeking to provide education for some of those whose dreams have been just that: a wish and a longing.  But These Numbers Have Faces is seeking to put names and stories to the statistics and make their dreams a reality.

Zintathu’s story is one where we could focus on her loss.  She lost her parents when she was very young and was raised by her grandmother in a shack in South Africa.

That is an important element of her story, but it is not all of it.

Through These Numbers Have Faces, she’s a 3rd year marketing student and empowered to become a leader in her community. What struck me most is her passion to help other women too.

Even though I have never met her in person and we may have little in common, we are women and both have a vision of being better together.  I can see it in her eyes, a fighter, dreamer, someone who has faced trials, but will succeed – and not necessarily in the Western sense of the word, but in the discovery of the cost of living for inspiration and something beyond one’s self.  That is true success.

I might just be projecting the cost of my own dream, but I believe it’s important that in a week where we remember a man who had a dream, we remember our own and lean into others.  Only then can we realize how our dreams really are all tied together; that we can help each other and the fact that every statistic has a story and a dream, even if it is our own.  The real challenge comes in if we are courageous enough to seek them out: our dreams and the dreamers who live near and far. That we risk enough to not be another number.

The cost may just be that I’ll have to wake up a bit earlier and spend more time on the shoulders of the freeway that is my life; to slow down and savor the little tidbits of a picture, a moment, an idea, a relationship, or a dream.

So I inquire today, what are you dreaming about?  Leave a comment and hopefully we can encourage and inspire one another.

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2 Comments on The cost of dreaming

  1. Elisabet says:

    I dream of singing. I dream of reconciling people who are different from each other and fail to see the chasm between them. I dream of being someone that leaves the world a better place than when I entered it. I dream of reflecting a life beyond this life, a kingdom that is near but not present.

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