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Good Friday: Thoughts on slaughter

I’ve spent this semester – what is to be my last semester taking classes ever – studying the slaughter of animals.  It’s not for the fainthearted. Prior to these past few months, you could think of me like the actors in Portlandia: very concerned about the life their chicken (named “Collin”) had before ending up on their plate.  I try to buy organic, free range, blah blah blah.  But come

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Life and death in the garden and in community

Our community lost a dear member this past week.  There is a big hole in our congregation; one that many of us have pondered in conversation how it will be filled? I spent time watching the eclipse this week which happened to be on the same day she passed.  The world faded to gray for just a moment.  I burned my retina trying to see what was happening.  Between waiting

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Growing-up in Italy

My office at home overlooks the street below bordering the front yard.  From my desk, I can see people driving, walking, and biking as the day moves forward.  Between grading, writing, and lesson planning, I steal glances every now and then to see people stop and pause to look and point at what is happening on our little patch of land. Over the years, it has looked like everything from

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Eighth consideration: Peace-full.

Two leaders died this week, both with incredibly different legacies.  One nuclear; one Velvet.  My context of both is drastically different: My picture, driven by the media, of Kim Jong Il is a crazed, power-hungry, slightly insane man.  My picture of Vaclav Havel, former president of the Czech Republic, is a man of integrity, humor, creativity and passion.  This version was shaped by his friend, a fighter pilot from WW2,

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Sixth Consideration: Traditions (that started in the 80s)

The 80s returned last night… in all their glory.   My husband’s employer (which will remain nameless to protect those involved) had their first themed Christmas party and it was also the first time spouses were invited. As I crimped and hair-sprayed, I secretly wondered if this was a cruel joke and if we would be the only ones to show up in a full length sweater dress and neon jump

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Making a Mess in Colorado

A lot of paper was ripped in the past four days. And with every tear, I pray that something in the world was stitched up. I flew to Denver last Thursday.  It was the fourth trip I’ve been on in a month.  This spring has encompassed another country, another county, another state, and all different kinds of amazing events and people at every stop. The three events scheduled for this

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With-ness: An advent reading

This past weekend, I was invited to partake in the advent activities at our church.  Every week for the past month, someone has shared a reading while other participants light one of the advent candles.  Our themes over the past few weeks have been time, openness, untamed and for this last week: with. Here is the reading: “I am waiting in a silent prayer. I am frightened by the load

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Fan upload

I wanted to give a special shout out to a wonderful small group who is reading ABM in Colorado! Looking forward to getting out to Colorado to meet you all (and more of you) in 2011!

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Know Your Role or Being Known

“There’s this saying: ‘They are the nicest people you’ll never know,” my girlfriend said in a somber tone.  “I’m not sure how to meet people.” She was reflecting on her recent move to a new town and I was her conduit of encouragement from two states away. “Have you thought about a different church?” I replied in an upbeat, proactive voice, hoping that my revelation might help. It didn’t turn

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Expectations of home

As the palm trees came into focus like angry splinters waving in the heat, I knew I was home. Over the course of the last decade, I have made this land where all kinds of differences collide my place of solace.  Decades are markers of sorts the older you get and I had just returned to Southern California after my 10 year reunion in the Pacific Northwest. It seems like

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