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No winners this week

This week, I sat at the feet of my leadership minor students and watched them give presentations on the historical changes of South African Apartheid, Women’s Suffrage, Interracial Marriage, and the Cold War.  To say I was moved is an understatement.  All of these movements changed the world and there were people who fought and died without even seeing a result. The students demonstrated justice in telling their stories. At

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Some days you throw the lesson out

I was dreading today.  All morning I debated back and forth: Do the lesson plan? Or dive into a conversation I wasn’t sure would turn out well.  I wheeled my briefcase into the classroom and set my lesson plan in front of me.  Students started trickling in.  Some set their long boards in the back of the room; others finished up texts or checked Facebook one last time. I wandered

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Tribal Life

I have been absent for a bit.  Sometimes I wonder how people can blog every day, tweet every 5 minutes and read everyone else’s articles to blog and tweet about too.  I sigh and begin to compare.  How do they do that?  You’re not good enough, the voice I am familiar with so quickly jumps in. I compare myself. I compare myself to fellow teachers, to my peers, to other

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On the “good” lessons

Sometimes I don’t see the good. I hear the wind and get scared more of our roof will blow away and take veggies with it. I hear the chickens at 6am going berserk and I run out with broccoli leaves bribing them to shut up so the neighbors don’t turn us in. But then I drive to work and see how the wind has carried the clouds and smog away.

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On change (Part 1): teaching it and living it

I’m starting a new series on change this month.  Be sure to check out new thoughts each week as I wrestle with teaching this idea to my students and living it out in my own life. January (which I just spelled Janurary) is over.  This also means a new semester is well under way. Seeing as my spelling is suffering, you might be able to tell that my head is

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Repairing Divides

Knowing versus experiencing. One of the greatest debates stemming from centuries ago. Head vs. heart – intellect vs. senses – abstract vs. concrete. Yesterday in class we went back and forth between the two sides adding our own commentary to the legendary banter. The topic was Greek vs. Hebrew modes of learning and how that translates into leadership. We noticed society’s bent towards the head, the intellect, the abstract.  Especially

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Getting off the ladder

My sister-in-law called me last night. She just returned from a trip and I started teaching, so we had a bit to catch up on. “How’s work going?” I inquire, because she talked about a promotion right before she left. “Good, but they might end up moving me to full time. I know you’re supposed to ‘climb the ladder’….” I cut her off, “Yeah, whose ladder though?” “I know right?

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