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Good Friday: Thoughts on slaughter

I’ve spent this semester – what is to be my last semester taking classes ever – studying the slaughter of animals.  It’s not for the fainthearted. Prior to these past few months, you could think of me like the actors in Portlandia: very concerned about the life their chicken (named “Collin”) had before ending up on their plate.  I try to buy organic, free range, blah blah blah.  But come

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For the interim

Welcome summer!  A new season, a new time to reflect and perhaps relax.  However, I find myself swamped with textbooks already as I try to learn German for a proficiency exam before going back to school in the fall.  I have recently felt, as it would seem so do many of my current companions, that we have fallen into an in-between. So today before I launch into translating a few

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No more walls: A lesson three decades in the making

I’m three decades old today.  Old enough to say, over 20 years ago I remember what happened.  I was 10 years old.  It was a heated election year; I didn’t really understand what that was about.  Not sure I do now either.  The Berlin wall fell just a few years prior and we had a piece of it framed on our wall from my uncle.  I looked at this piece

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Gardening with Doxology: Big words for a simple idea

The sermon yesterday was on letting things slow us down to lead us to the table; a table that holds bread and wine, also promise, tradition and hope. An altar of forgiveness and remembrance — of radical hospitality. It is an embodying act, this eating. Sure it can be rote, but the meaning comes sometimes subtly and other times overcome with tears or joy. It’s the love of what this

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On Change (Part 4): Perspective

I woke up with energy.  Energy to write, to work, to cook, to organize, to do laundry and unpack from this weekend’s past retreat in Houston. It felt good to respond to emails that have been in a staring contest with me – you will write back. It felt good to put the suitcase away. But it also felt good to experience the grace of just living with the mess

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….on work…

I am in my room in Houston after speaking on night one.  I am full.  What a lovely life-giving evening.  The kind where energy collides and you meet people you feel you have known all along in this crazy journey.  What a blessing work is.  And so I feel I must share this Celtic blessing for work in gratitude.  I read this before I spoke tonight – I felt as

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On change (Part 3): A Wonderful Lenten Life

It’s a Wonderful Life. It’s Ash Wednesday and I have Christmas on my brain.  Valentine’s Day, Fat Tuesday, Spring Equinox, are all circling me and somehow I am back on Christmas Eve with a suicidal man. “I’m worth more dead than alive.”  But then through hitting rock bottom, George learns he wants to live.  This story has more to do with Easter than Christmas. It is about a necessary cycle

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On change (Part 2): Fear

“Congratulations!” It was a simple word holding so much from a person who had the keys. I looked up at this man whom I call a friend and an adviser, and now… my professor. “Have letters gone out yet?” “No, they haven’t,” I replied with a Cheshire grin. I had officially been accepted to my future – a Ph.D. program. “Oh, well, we met last week.  Letters should be going

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What’s for dinner: Roast Chicken

I used to be scared of whole animals.  I preferred them in manageable pieces: A thigh, a breast, a leg. “Meat” sounds better than “Pig” or “Cow” — a whole animal. Then I had to make Thanksgiving. I never helped my mother cook growing up.  The kitchen was her monastery, her prayer altar, the stove — standing there braising, roasting, stirring.  We knew not to bug her.  The one time

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12th (and final) Consideration: The Extraordinary

Last night I heard an extraordinary story of a single hummingbird.  You see there was a huge fire in the forest where the little bird lived.  As the trees burned, the animals whose homes were on fire ran towards the river.  There were elephants, raccoons, beavers, foxes, bears, and many others who gathered to watching it all burn.  As the fire’s destruction raged on, they stood on the banks immobilized

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