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A Tale of Disappointment & Hope

These past two weeks have been full. Full of travel, hospitality, reconnection, and relationship. The literal journey took me and Nate up to Oregon for a week-long contemplative prayer retreat, followed by another seven days in Washington with family and friends. Computers were sparse; phone service scant, and time was of the essence. Time to read, walk and breathe. Time to taste, feel, reflect and connect. This annual week in

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Making a Mess in Colorado

A lot of paper was ripped in the past four days. And with every tear, I pray that something in the world was stitched up. I flew to Denver last Thursday.  It was the fourth trip I’ve been on in a month.  This spring has encompassed another country, another county, another state, and all different kinds of amazing events and people at every stop. The three events scheduled for this

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Inspiraton and updates

It is holy week in the Church.  This time always brings about feelings of anticipation mixed with grief and hope.  I felt a need for some inspiration and in light of it being holy week, I wanted to pass on this amazing short video with an incredible spoken word performance by Sarah Kay. Her storytelling ability captures one’s attention as we are in a week of a most memorable story.

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Perfectionist Pictures

Saturday I had the honor of hosting a workshop at my home.  I was excited even before these seven women came over because I knew a little bit about almost all of them and also predicted that they would get along splendidly.  Lucky for me, I was right.  They came in ready to slow down, relax, breathe, and share and I couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful day with

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Cypress Book Tour Stop

Last night I had the absolute fortune of meeting a lovely group of women in Cypress, Calif.  I was greeted by my wonderful hosts, Jamie and Kasey, where I was also introduced to these – Exhibit A: Yes those are cookies, but they are very special and I can honestly say that this is the first cookie that practically made its way up my nose because this is what you

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Belonging: Post Retreat Thoughts

I’m still processing what happened this past weekend. I can’t put everything into words and I don’t think I’m supposed to. But the word that keeps coming to mind as a descriptor is belonging. The woman caught in the act of adultery set the stage for our retreat. She was alone, living up to a society’s definition of who she was supposed to be. Ripped out of bed — the

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What is Self-Care: an intro

You know it’s been a long week when the new roll of toilet paper doesn’t even make it on the holder. It sits there on the top of the empty one, ever ready to grab but not in its proper place. It might sound inappropriate, but this is how my life has felt the past couple of weeks — not fully in place and slowly being depleted… and yes I

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February workshop pics

I had a lovely time yesterday with a group of fabulous women at the Recovering Perfectionists Workshop.  Here are some pictures of our time together: For more pictures click here!  (Become a fan on Facebook too)

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Retreat brochure now available!

REGISTRATION IS OPEN FOR THE APRIL 16-18TH RETREAT! Cissy and I will be headed to Santa Barbara in April to lead the Perfectly Impurfikt retreat again!  We are excited about having women gather in a safe place to stop and reflect on their lives, gather with other women, and find healing from this crazy culture we live in!  We hope you will consider joining us. Click here and scroll down

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Falling in Love with Food

Last night I had the pleasure of hosting a living room full of women who wanted to fall in love with food.  We had a food meditation, shared stories, and learned a lot.  One of my favorite things about A Beautiful Mess workshops is when the women teach each other.  We have so much wisdom in our bodies and souls and it would be a shame if I did all

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