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Growing-up in Italy

My office at home overlooks the street below bordering the front yard.  From my desk, I can see people driving, walking, and biking as the day moves forward.  Between grading, writing, and lesson planning, I steal glances every now and then to see people stop and pause to look and point at what is happening on our little patch of land. Over the years, it has looked like everything from

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What’s for Dinner: Sunday Supper

This past fall Nate and I added another ritual to our lives.  It involves food.  Shocking I know. This craziness has even drifted into my dreams apparently. “Did I talk in my sleep last night?”  I inquire with half of my face smushed into my pillow and my eyes are still closed. It’s Sunday morning.  Not time to get up yet.  Nate is watching a “futbol” game on his computer

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12th (and final) Consideration: The Extraordinary

Last night I heard an extraordinary story of a single hummingbird.  You see there was a huge fire in the forest where the little bird lived.  As the trees burned, the animals whose homes were on fire ran towards the river.  There were elephants, raccoons, beavers, foxes, bears, and many others who gathered to watching it all burn.  As the fire’s destruction raged on, they stood on the banks immobilized

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The time of my life.

Time is something we all have in common. We spend it constantly – more than money, emotions, or fuel.  Some use it more wisely, while others throw caution to the wind, throwing it around like it is an inexhaustible resource. My new year’s resolution for 2011 was to let time be time — to not arrive at the beginning of every month with a worried greeting of, “How in the

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Are you ready: A reflection on marriage

It was different this time. There was no fanfare; no white dress; no aisle. There was a tiny bit of planning and we were on a beach, but one that was about as far away as possible from the first time without leaving the country. I wore sweatpants. My hair was pulled back after a day spent in the sun. We ate fried clams and caprese salad on a bench.

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