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On change (Part 3): A Wonderful Lenten Life

It’s a Wonderful Life. It’s Ash Wednesday and I have Christmas on my brain.  Valentine’s Day, Fat Tuesday, Spring Equinox, are all circling me and somehow I am back on Christmas Eve with a suicidal man. “I’m worth more dead than alive.”  But then through hitting rock bottom, George learns he wants to live.  This story has more to do with Easter than Christmas. It is about a necessary cycle

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Solidarity in Opposites: A Lenten Contemplation

This past Thursday, Nate and I took the metro into downtown LA for the monthly art walk event.  Dozens of businesses and stark empty halls transform into colorful displays as dusk approaches. First, we found our way to the menagerie of food trucks nestled tightly together in vacant parking lots.  Now full with colorful doors and windows shaping an eclectic food court we were almost paralyzed by our options: pulled

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