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Banishing perfectionism as a new mom-writer

Facebook, CNN, People, Pinterest, YouTube, Gmail, Gmail, and Gmail just one more time.  These are the windows that flutter open and closed on my web browser.  When I have a free moment these days, my brain wants to check out.  You see, I am a new mom. I have managed to keep a baby alive for almost 10 weeks.  This baby has good days and fussy days. On the fussy

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No more walls: A lesson three decades in the making

I’m three decades old today.  Old enough to say, over 20 years ago I remember what happened.  I was 10 years old.  It was a heated election year; I didn’t really understand what that was about.  Not sure I do now either.  The Berlin wall fell just a few years prior and we had a piece of it framed on our wall from my uncle.  I looked at this piece

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Five Favorite Gardening Cookbooks

“I saw a recipe for stuffed artichokes…” “Oh I know where that recipe is,” I said and was out of my chair in an instant. “She has this gift,” Beth said to her visiting sister smiling. “Name a recipe in this house and she can turn to the page.” “I can?” I inquired completely oblivious from the cookbook shelf.  I pulled the first cookbook off the shelf that I thought

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Making a mess – notes on worry

I was reminded yesterday by a new friend of a book I own. It’s by Keri Smith. I bought it six months ago. Six months where it has barely been opened. My fingers have pawed through the pages; my mind has wandered through the: “When could I”s, “should I”s, and “will I”s. And so the book sat, untouched, within reach, but just staring at me while I looked in the

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Sixth Consideration: Traditions (that started in the 80s)

The 80s returned last night… in all their glory.   My husband’s employer (which will remain nameless to protect those involved) had their first themed Christmas party and it was also the first time spouses were invited. As I crimped and hair-sprayed, I secretly wondered if this was a cruel joke and if we would be the only ones to show up in a full length sweater dress and neon jump

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Second Consideration: Giving of Quality Gifts

As my friend Laura and I walked around HomeGoods this weekend, we became keenly aware that this holiday season does a funny thing to people.  There is emotion and money poured into gift-giving, but for the good of what?  It was fascinating listening to conversations of another trying to justify (and accomplishing it) the need for two giant coffee carafes, one for her daughter and the other for her child

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Don’t miss this!

You may remember that in the summer A Beautiful Mess hosted an open mic/ art show evening.  It was such a memorable event with amazing songs, art, and writing that we have decided to make it our holiday gathering this year around Winter Solstice.  After all, what a gift to be able to share our own gifts and talents. And don’t we have enough random white elephant gifts laying around?

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Today I need to remember

 that I am one person I am limited Grace sustains me it also slows me down that I am capable not of everything; but of a lot I have wisdom It lives deep inside of me and cultivated over time, it grows for every season of “yes” there is one of “no” I really am soy intolerant – stop testing the boundaries but you’re okay As a gifted friend wrote

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What is work?

I declared these past 10 days Take Your Wife To Work Week. My husband works for an international humanitarian organization and travels quite a bit.  Due to my old job responsibilities it was never an option for me go with him. As I made the transition to my new role in the university, we quickly realized there was a window of time for me to travel to Costa Rica with

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Savoring Summer

Summer is here. The corn reminds me every morning by growing inches each day, just soaking up the heat. Likewise, the tomato garden on the other side of the yard is not complaining. That’s a good thing because we are about to leave for a week of contemplative prayer and no technology – therefore, no blogging.  A week of slowing down, savoring life as only one can when disconnected from

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