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Practicing peace in chaos

This summer, I read an amazing book titled In the Midst of Chaos: Caring for Children as Spiritual Practice by Bonnie Miller-McLemore.  Her words were filled with permission and hope as I try to figure out what it looks like to be mom and have some semblance of a spiritual life. She makes the keen observation that most of her (and my own) spiritual sages she grew up learning from did

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Understanding: Part 2 of my rant about publishing

Part two of two: Click here for part one. Someone recently told me there is a large majority of Christians who are not worried about discipleship anymore as we have shifted into a desperate rhetoric of conversion.  When I think about this conversation of conversion, I go to a dark place my husband just interfaced with at a USC game. While walking up to his seat someone was passing out

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A blessing for freedom in a technology fast

I am on my way out of town for an annual contemplative prayer retreat.  A week without facebook, twitter, and klout ratings, without homestead responsibilities, and one of me showing up to God.  It is a week I have come to thirst for in the past six years.  And I always leave the blog with a little note saying, you’ll be fine without me.  I am saying that to myself

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My Magic Hour

Something rather curious happens to me on occasion as I lay in bed before getting in up the morning.  With my eyes closed, I am in an in between – one where God has started the day hours before, working without me, and my work has yet to begin. It is a magic hour – my magic hour (or at least a couple minutes). I am in a vulnerable position. 

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For the interim

Welcome summer!  A new season, a new time to reflect and perhaps relax.  However, I find myself swamped with textbooks already as I try to learn German for a proficiency exam before going back to school in the fall.  I have recently felt, as it would seem so do many of my current companions, that we have fallen into an in-between. So today before I launch into translating a few

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Gardening with Doxology: Big words for a simple idea

The sermon yesterday was on letting things slow us down to lead us to the table; a table that holds bread and wine, also promise, tradition and hope. An altar of forgiveness and remembrance — of radical hospitality. It is an embodying act, this eating. Sure it can be rote, but the meaning comes sometimes subtly and other times overcome with tears or joy. It’s the love of what this

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On change (Part 1): teaching it and living it

I’m starting a new series on change this month.  Be sure to check out new thoughts each week as I wrestle with teaching this idea to my students and living it out in my own life. January (which I just spelled Janurary) is over.  This also means a new semester is well under way. Seeing as my spelling is suffering, you might be able to tell that my head is

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Eleventh Consideration: Silent Reflection

I grabbed Sabrina Ward Harrison’s The True and the Questions this morning for permission to delve into a time of reflection.  This week makes room for that as people take the rest of their vacation time and relax – or in our case, work on our homestead. (Yes. More planter boxes are going in… stay tuned.) As I paused from the morning routine, I ran across this prompt: “In the

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Today I need to remember

 that I am one person I am limited Grace sustains me it also slows me down that I am capable not of everything; but of a lot I have wisdom It lives deep inside of me and cultivated over time, it grows for every season of “yes” there is one of “no” I really am soy intolerant – stop testing the boundaries but you’re okay As a gifted friend wrote

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Just sit you silly

“I can see it, it’s just that my feet feel like lead.” “Are you tired?” I am on the phone with my spiritual director.  We are working with a vision where I’m trying to get up a hill – to a house – a house where I feel so safe and like there is no other place I belong but there.  However, I can’t get there. Am I tired? I

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