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A blessing for freedom in a technology fast

I am on my way out of town for an annual contemplative prayer retreat.  A week without facebook, twitter, and klout ratings, without homestead responsibilities, and one of me showing up to God.  It is a week I have come to thirst for in the past six years.  And I always leave the blog with a little note saying, you’ll be fine without me.  I am saying that to myself

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For the interim

Welcome summer!  A new season, a new time to reflect and perhaps relax.  However, I find myself swamped with textbooks already as I try to learn German for a proficiency exam before going back to school in the fall.  I have recently felt, as it would seem so do many of my current companions, that we have fallen into an in-between. So today before I launch into translating a few

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….on work…

I am in my room in Houston after speaking on night one.  I am full.  What a lovely life-giving evening.  The kind where energy collides and you meet people you feel you have known all along in this crazy journey.  What a blessing work is.  And so I feel I must share this Celtic blessing for work in gratitude.  I read this before I spoke tonight – I felt as

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