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Making a mess – notes on worry

I was reminded yesterday by a new friend of a book I own. It’s by Keri Smith. I bought it six months ago. Six months where it has barely been opened. My fingers have pawed through the pages; my mind has wandered through the: “When could I”s, “should I”s, and “will I”s. And so the book sat, untouched, within reach, but just staring at me while I looked in the

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On Change (Part 4): Perspective

I woke up with energy.  Energy to write, to work, to cook, to organize, to do laundry and unpack from this weekend’s past retreat in Houston. It felt good to respond to emails that have been in a staring contest with me – you will write back. It felt good to put the suitcase away. But it also felt good to experience the grace of just living with the mess

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Don’t miss this!

You may remember that in the summer A Beautiful Mess hosted an open mic/ art show evening.  It was such a memorable event with amazing songs, art, and writing that we have decided to make it our holiday gathering this year around Winter Solstice.  After all, what a gift to be able to share our own gifts and talents. And don’t we have enough random white elephant gifts laying around?

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Savoring Summer

Summer is here. The corn reminds me every morning by growing inches each day, just soaking up the heat. Likewise, the tomato garden on the other side of the yard is not complaining. That’s a good thing because we are about to leave for a week of contemplative prayer and no technology – therefore, no blogging.  A week of slowing down, savoring life as only one can when disconnected from

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You’re Invited….

Join us with your friends on Saturday, June 18th at 7:30pm in Monrovia, California for an unforgettable evening of sharing from the heart.  Register now to share your original: * essay * poem * spoken word * song * photograph * painting We will meet the weekend before Summer Solstice to celebrate the changing of seasons. Using that prompt, please create something, or pick something you already have with a

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Making a Mess in Colorado

A lot of paper was ripped in the past four days. And with every tear, I pray that something in the world was stitched up. I flew to Denver last Thursday.  It was the fourth trip I’ve been on in a month.  This spring has encompassed another country, another county, another state, and all different kinds of amazing events and people at every stop. The three events scheduled for this

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Shadow of Myself: A Confession

I forgot something the last couple of months and for that I must apologize.  You made me remember.  I have forgotten myself. Last week when I pieced together the pictures of our homestead, I was struck by the surge of energy I had in working on it as well as the almost 200 visits (and counting) to that entry in particular. I’ve been in a season of emergence. A season

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This past weekend I met an extraordinary group of women. Their hands and their spirits were gifts to my soul during the two days we spent together.  They showed their true colors in many different ways. It was such a supportive group that blessed one another.  It was as true when someone sneezed, which happens often on the homestead, as it was when someone started crying.  Maybe it was that

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Perfectionist Pictures

Saturday I had the honor of hosting a workshop at my home.  I was excited even before these seven women came over because I knew a little bit about almost all of them and also predicted that they would get along splendidly.  Lucky for me, I was right.  They came in ready to slow down, relax, breathe, and share and I couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful day with

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tweets and workshops

just a few quick items: > Kristin is on Twitter – follow her shorter musings there – would love to see more of you (and follow you) > There was an error on the newsletter listing two dates for the Perfectionism Workshop (new tag line – it’s about releasing perfection, not perfecting it).  The workshop is on Saturday, January 22nd. There are still spots available – would love to have

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