Book Endorsements

“Kristin Ritzau is telling an important and familiar story: almost every woman I know, myself certainly included, would live better if she approached life as a beautiful mess, instead of a must-be, must-do, must-succeed endeavor. We know that’s a losing battle, but often we don’t know any other way. Kristin’s blend of practicality and storytelling is a great place to start.”

Shauna Niequist – Author of Cold Tangerines and Bittersweet

“Because Kristin Ritzau tells the truth, readers are being blessed. Beautiful Mess gives us what we’re parched for: permission to be who we really are. Ritzau’s words are ones I was hungry to hear, and continue to chew on.”

Margot Starbuck – Author of Unsqueezed

“Read this book! It is a life-changing look at the unavoidable forces that create unrealistic expectations and perfectionism, and at an even more powerful path towards freedom and the joy-in-life you’ve been longing for!”

John Trent, Ph.D, president of Strong Families and author of The Blessing

“Kristin Ritzau has written a book to help perfectionists address the root issues driving their perfectionism. But the path to freedom can be a tricky one, because perfectionists like to do everything perfectly – even recovery! By drawing from the practices of ancient and modern-day spiritual formation strategists, Ritzau ingeniously gets us to break through our time-worn self-talk and creatively discover our rhythms of true health. Even though I don’t call myself a perfectionist, I have to admit to being an over-achiever, which I now realize has a lot in common with perfectionism. This book nailed me where it hurt – in a good way!”

Shelley Leith, author of Character Makeover and Head-to-Soul Makeover, developer of 40 Days of Purpose Campaign and other 40-Day campaigns of Saddleback Churc

Retreat Endorsements

“The retreat was a weekend that I will never forget. I don’t say this lightly when reiterating the fact that what I learned and experienced will be held deep in my soul for the rest of my life! Thank you for creating something that was so profoundly deep and restful, all at the same time.”

Lisa Pileggi, Marriage and Family Therapist

“The Beautiful Mess workshop I attended was soul-enriching and life-giving. What was unique about Kristin’s workshop was that rather than seeking understanding about ourselves by looking beyond, she helped me to look within. I found a greater respect for myself, other women, God, and the earth– and got pretty messy with paint and dirt in the process! I recommend this workshop whole-heartedly.”

Megan Lundgren “Professional Listener”

“Imagine freedom to just be. That was the atmosphere of the A Beautiful Mess Workshop I attended. Kristin set this tone from the beginning, and I was grateful for each intentional opportunity she offered throughout the day. There was no hard and fast agenda. Only permission and grace.”

Rebecca Stone “avid reader and lover of soy turtle lattes”

“I have had the opportunity to attend numerous ABM workshops and retreats. Each time I walked away feeling deeply reminded of the grace and love of God. The workshops and retreats have been a way for me to reconnect with other women and more importantly, myself. I get so busy and wrapped up in my “to do lists” that I forget to make time for my personal needs and my relationship with God. These events are led with grace, truth, and space to reflect and listen to what’s going on in your body and mind. I am forever grateful for the hearts that were shared, the soul sisters that I met, and the space to connect with my God and my soul.”

Kristen Bishop “Grad Student by day, Art Journaler by night”