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Around the table: A Thanksgiving Poem

Around the table We will gather   Around the table We will give thanks   Around the table We will eat   Around the table We will discuss ……………………….. Around the table All are not welcome   Around the table We will argue   Around the table Families will take sides   Around the table Myths and stereotypes abound …………………………………………… Around the Table All are welcome   Around the Table

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Thanksgiving Prayer

On this day of communing, I have been pondering the Communion of Saints – the legacy that binds us all together.  As we think of what we are thankful for this year, I am grateful for those who are part of the web of life past and present. In honor of this thankfulness, I wanted to share the old prayer we will be reading at our table today – albeit

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For the interim

Welcome summer!  A new season, a new time to reflect and perhaps relax.  However, I find myself swamped with textbooks already as I try to learn German for a proficiency exam before going back to school in the fall.  I have recently felt, as it would seem so do many of my current companions, that we have fallen into an in-between. So today before I launch into translating a few

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….on work…

I am in my room in Houston after speaking on night one.  I am full.  What a lovely life-giving evening.  The kind where energy collides and you meet people you feel you have known all along in this crazy journey.  What a blessing work is.  And so I feel I must share this Celtic blessing for work in gratitude.  I read this before I spoke tonight – I felt as

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The gift of plenty and empty

This is a week about plenty.  Thanksgiving. Gratitude. Companionship. And yet, I always feel a little trepidation about filling our table with food when so many go without.  Our table will certainly be full this year with family and friends, but we are also reminded of how our food got to our table.  Likewise our stomachs will be full this year, and I drift to thinking of the many hearts

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Today I need to remember

 that I am one person I am limited Grace sustains me it also slows me down that I am capable not of everything; but of a lot I have wisdom It lives deep inside of me and cultivated over time, it grows for every season of “yes” there is one of “no” I really am soy intolerant – stop testing the boundaries but you’re okay As a gifted friend wrote

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With-ness: An advent reading

This past weekend, I was invited to partake in the advent activities at our church.  Every week for the past month, someone has shared a reading while other participants light one of the advent candles.  Our themes over the past few weeks have been time, openness, untamed and for this last week: with. Here is the reading: “I am waiting in a silent prayer. I am frightened by the load

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Words from Anne Lamott

I stumbled across this article today and it is giving me a slice of hope on this night when a storm is on its way into town – literally and metaphorically.  Made me think: when I’m 80 will I love myself or need to forgive myself…. Time Lost and Found by Anne Lamott (Sunset Magazine 4/2010)

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A Blessing of Solitude

My pace of life is subtly starting to slow, so I will be writing more soon, but in the meantime, I wanted to share with you a Blessing of Solitude from John O’Donohue, one of the great Celtic Spirituality Writers.  I wish you all blessing on this cold night. May you recognize in your life the presence, power and light of your soul. May you realize that you are never

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