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Good Friday: Thoughts on slaughter

I’ve spent this semester – what is to be my last semester taking classes ever – studying the slaughter of animals.  It’s not for the fainthearted. Prior to these past few months, you could think of me like the actors in Portlandia: very concerned about the life their chicken (named “Collin”) had before ending up on their plate.  I try to buy organic, free range, blah blah blah.  But come

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Where is “understanding” in discourse: A rant about publishing.

Part one of two “Now is not the time for bad theology,” a classmate of mine said.  He was recalling a story of being comforted about the death of a friend.  People responded to their own fear and uneasiness with platitudes like, “He is in a better place,” and “This is God’s will.” Why do we feel the need to cling to these Christan-ese easy answers? And this isn’t just

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The most meaningful meal of my life

THE FOLLOWING POST CONTAINS SEMI-GRAPHIC IMAGES.  DO NOT READ IF YOU ARE NOT OKAY WITH KILLING/EATING CHICKENS OR IF YOU HAVE THEM AS PETS. (P.S. it’s a long entry – no way I could make it shorter). I’ve tried starting this blog 3 times.  The first time, I ended up writing 14 pages and it will most likely be a chapter in my new book.  The second time turned into

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Five Favorite Gardening Cookbooks

“I saw a recipe for stuffed artichokes…” “Oh I know where that recipe is,” I said and was out of my chair in an instant. “She has this gift,” Beth said to her visiting sister smiling. “Name a recipe in this house and she can turn to the page.” “I can?” I inquired completely oblivious from the cookbook shelf.  I pulled the first cookbook off the shelf that I thought

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Gardening Tips – Favorite books

Spring is in the air… no, really. As witnessed by my last two blogs, the spring air I am breathing is making me rant and pray in my yard while others of you just seek to enjoy your own.  However, I have heard a few little rumors that some are intrigued by what we’re doing and would love help knowing where to start with their own gardening endeavors.  If not,

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A Rebellious Gardener’s Hopeful Rant

Spring is here. I was doubtful for a bit with late rainstorms and typical gray mornings, but the mockingjays mockingbirds are sunning every morning reminding me their slumber is over. A few curious things have happened in the past couple weeks. 1. I finished my first school year as a faculty member. This leads to 2. I am fully entrenched in working and researching for the next book.  Which means

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Gardening with Doxology: Big words for a simple idea

The sermon yesterday was on letting things slow us down to lead us to the table; a table that holds bread and wine, also promise, tradition and hope. An altar of forgiveness and remembrance — of radical hospitality. It is an embodying act, this eating. Sure it can be rote, but the meaning comes sometimes subtly and other times overcome with tears or joy. It’s the love of what this

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What’s for dinner: Pumpkin Ravioli

There were many titles I was considering for this post.  Possible contenders were: “What not to make on a weeknight” followed shortly by, “What the heck was I thinking?” and the ever so subtle, “Well, was it worth it?” I had been staring at the last lonely pumpkin for months.  Winter squash are my prized possessions; the darlings of my pantry; the decorations on my counter… until they are gone.

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On change (Part 2): Fear

“Congratulations!” It was a simple word holding so much from a person who had the keys. I looked up at this man whom I call a friend and an adviser, and now… my professor. “Have letters gone out yet?” “No, they haven’t,” I replied with a Cheshire grin. I had officially been accepted to my future – a Ph.D. program. “Oh, well, we met last week.  Letters should be going

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What’s for dinner: KALE pizza

Can I be honest for a moment? (When am I not?)  Pinterest stresses me out most some of the time. I got on there out of convenience so I would no longer have 37 windows open at the same time on my screen.  It was amazing to “pin” stuff for my classes, for the yard, for dinner, and for my sanity. And so that Nate wouldn’t turn on the computer

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