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CISP: Ratatouille with eggs and gruyere

It’s no secret that we have chickens.  I am always looking for ideas of what to do with our eggs other than just scramble them.  This cookbook has helped: I’m also a fan of Ratatouille, the food and the movie with the rat.  I was surprised when I learned that what little Remy makes was, in fact, not ratatouille, but a tart tian. Ratatouille is much more messy – hard

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CISP: Caramelized apple, bacon, gorgonzola pizza

Pizza. The world is better because of this food. And what could be better than all of these amazing ingredients together: apples, onions, cheese, and bacon. Here is what it looked like: Again, I’m not a food photog. But for all intents and purposes, I think this looks like home cooking at its best. I never made a pizza my cast iron skillet before and it turned out so well!

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CISP: Salt

CISP: Care and Cleaning

Bacon and salt. Need I say more?  …. probably. Here is this week’s CISP (Cast Iron Skillet Project) picture:   Salt. Lovely white granules of deliciousness. When I first got my pan, I did everything like I was supposed to – baked the skillet for an hour at 400 after coating it with olive oil.  I turned it upside down in the oven and followed instructions.  But it kept rusting

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Practicing peace in chaos

This summer, I read an amazing book titled In the Midst of Chaos: Caring for Children as Spiritual Practice by Bonnie Miller-McLemore.  Her words were filled with permission and hope as I try to figure out what it looks like to be mom and have some semblance of a spiritual life. She makes the keen observation that most of her (and my own) spiritual sages she grew up learning from did

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CISP: The humble potato

The potato.  We have had an up and down relationship together. I discovered it to be a complex carbohydrate in college and swore them off.  But let’s be honest.  Who can resist a golden french fry no matter what it is fried in?  Hashbrowns? Roasted with garlic and mashed, with a sprinkle of parmesan.  Oh wow, I need to learn not to write these posts in the morning before breakfast.

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A year with my cast iron skillet

I have been inspired this year by Staci Kennelly. Seriously, check out her photos, she is amazing! This past year, she got a new sink and has posted pictures of it every day.  It is a container for mess, beauty, creativity, childhood, and hospitality — things I would associate with Staci even though I have only met her a couple times (but we have a great facebook relationship ). (Photo

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Trust and surrender: Reflections on parenting

Desires to write and reflect have emerged more since my baby turned one. I have tried to write a couple of blogs this summer about how I think parenting is one of the most divisive things I have ever been part of or why in the world I think getting my PhD is important in this season?  But what I keep returning to are the three most important words I

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No winners this week

This week, I sat at the feet of my leadership minor students and watched them give presentations on the historical changes of South African Apartheid, Women’s Suffrage, Interracial Marriage, and the Cold War.  To say I was moved is an understatement.  All of these movements changed the world and there were people who fought and died without even seeing a result. The students demonstrated justice in telling their stories. At

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Thanksgiving Prayer

On this day of communing, I have been pondering the Communion of Saints – the legacy that binds us all together.  As we think of what we are thankful for this year, I am grateful for those who are part of the web of life past and present. In honor of this thankfulness, I wanted to share the old prayer we will be reading at our table today – albeit

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The sound of memories

There are sounds a house makes. The wood creaks and moans at night relaxing from a day spent in the sun.  The phantom porch swing gently squeaks as the Santa Anas sweep through the valley.  The cabinets shut, the dishwasher hums, and the dryer softly clatters from the buttons on my jeans. Then there are the noises of living.  Noises of comfort.  When I was a child, these were the

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