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Learning Processes: Gardening with Paradigm Shifts

Let it be a process.   Those were the words I heard last night.   Gentle words.  A hearty reminder. I went back to school last week.  But before I am “official,” I signed up to take a crash course in German.  My PhD program is old school (alte Schule, if you will) – I must learn a research language.  For now, it is a hoop to jump through. A requirement

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Life and death in the garden and in community

Our community lost a dear member this past week.  There is a big hole in our congregation; one that many of us have pondered in conversation how it will be filled? I spent time watching the eclipse this week which happened to be on the same day she passed.  The world faded to gray for just a moment.  I burned my retina trying to see what was happening.  Between waiting

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What’s for dinner: Fig Jam, Prosciutto, Mozzarella Panini

I have a cookbook with this on the front: It’s been teasing me since we got it as a wedding gift almost seven years ago.  But fig jam isn’t something I normally picked up.  I thought figs lived in cookies – something dreamed up in a laboratory somewhere and stuffed between dough and sugar. Then we bought our house and as it turns out, came to discover an old Mission

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Gardening Tips – Favorite books

Spring is in the air… no, really. As witnessed by my last two blogs, the spring air I am breathing is making me rant and pray in my yard while others of you just seek to enjoy your own.  However, I have heard a few little rumors that some are intrigued by what we’re doing and would love help knowing where to start with their own gardening endeavors.  If not,

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A Rebellious Gardener’s Hopeful Rant

Spring is here. I was doubtful for a bit with late rainstorms and typical gray mornings, but the mockingjays mockingbirds are sunning every morning reminding me their slumber is over. A few curious things have happened in the past couple weeks. 1. I finished my first school year as a faculty member. This leads to 2. I am fully entrenched in working and researching for the next book.  Which means

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What’s for dinner: Roasted Potato Leek Soup

I used to avoid potatoes.  My college nutrition class told me they were complex carbohydrates.  I avoided them for a number of years on principles I vaguely remembered now that I am not being tested on it.  But potatoes and I reconciled about a year ago because they are a farmer’s friend. They are cheap; they pair with everything; they keep.  I wish I could say they are easy to

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