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7-year itch trip

I’m lying in bed at 3:00p.m. fully clothed with the covers over me. It’s been a long week.  And it’s about to get longer…. I hope. Nate is outside adjusting the rain cover over the chickens; I can see him out the windows.  I can also see the fava beans bending over towards the earth and if I squint, I can make out the new seedlings that are coming in

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Promise of Spring: A conversation with my 20-year-old self

The fruit trees are blossoming.  The promise of fruit – someday.  But definitely the promise of spring’s entrance. I used to correlate spring’s arrival with the bathing suits’ overnight appearance at Target. Summer is almost here, I would chant in my head seeing spring as something to survive to get to freedom. Now spring is one of my favorite seasons. There is a Zen saying that when the first bud

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On the “good” lessons

Sometimes I don’t see the good. I hear the wind and get scared more of our roof will blow away and take veggies with it. I hear the chickens at 6am going berserk and I run out with broccoli leaves bribing them to shut up so the neighbors don’t turn us in. But then I drive to work and see how the wind has carried the clouds and smog away.

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What’s for dinner: Pumpkin Ravioli

There were many titles I was considering for this post.  Possible contenders were: “What not to make on a weeknight” followed shortly by, “What the heck was I thinking?” and the ever so subtle, “Well, was it worth it?” I had been staring at the last lonely pumpkin for months.  Winter squash are my prized possessions; the darlings of my pantry; the decorations on my counter… until they are gone.

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