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On Change (Part 4): Perspective

I woke up with energy.  Energy to write, to work, to cook, to organize, to do laundry and unpack from this weekend’s past retreat in Houston. It felt good to respond to emails that have been in a staring contest with me – you will write back. It felt good to put the suitcase away. But it also felt good to experience the grace of just living with the mess

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….on work…

I am in my room in Houston after speaking on night one.  I am full.  What a lovely life-giving evening.  The kind where energy collides and you meet people you feel you have known all along in this crazy journey.  What a blessing work is.  And so I feel I must share this Celtic blessing for work in gratitude.  I read this before I spoke tonight – I felt as

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On change (Part 3): A Wonderful Lenten Life

It’s a Wonderful Life. It’s Ash Wednesday and I have Christmas on my brain.  Valentine’s Day, Fat Tuesday, Spring Equinox, are all circling me and somehow I am back on Christmas Eve with a suicidal man. “I’m worth more dead than alive.”  But then through hitting rock bottom, George learns he wants to live.  This story has more to do with Easter than Christmas. It is about a necessary cycle

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What’s for dinner: Beef Stew

There are certain meals that remind me of growing up in the Pacific Northwest.  This is one of them.  When it gets cold enough, (which this year, winter came in February after January’s freakish summer) I can’t wait to throw in potatoes and carrots and onions with red wine and rosemary to see what happens. Maybe that’s what the dream was about a few weeks ago!  Secretly, I know what

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On change (Part 2): Fear

“Congratulations!” It was a simple word holding so much from a person who had the keys. I looked up at this man whom I call a friend and an adviser, and now… my professor. “Have letters gone out yet?” “No, they haven’t,” I replied with a Cheshire grin. I had officially been accepted to my future – a Ph.D. program. “Oh, well, we met last week.  Letters should be going

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What’s for dinner: KALE pizza

Can I be honest for a moment? (When am I not?)  Pinterest stresses me out most some of the time. I got on there out of convenience so I would no longer have 37 windows open at the same time on my screen.  It was amazing to “pin” stuff for my classes, for the yard, for dinner, and for my sanity. And so that Nate wouldn’t turn on the computer

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On change (Part 1): teaching it and living it

I’m starting a new series on change this month.  Be sure to check out new thoughts each week as I wrestle with teaching this idea to my students and living it out in my own life. January (which I just spelled Janurary) is over.  This also means a new semester is well under way. Seeing as my spelling is suffering, you might be able to tell that my head is

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The MOXY Project: Pursuing Authenticity

I recently wrote an article for my friend Michele’s blog: The MOXY Project. She is full of great ambition and has a desire to help people live into their dreams.  I’ve known Michele since college where she provided insight and wisdom and still does that for me and others around her. I was happy to do it and it was fun to work on! Check out the post and let

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