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What’s for Dinner: Sunday Supper

This past fall Nate and I added another ritual to our lives.  It involves food.  Shocking I know. This craziness has even drifted into my dreams apparently. “Did I talk in my sleep last night?”  I inquire with half of my face smushed into my pillow and my eyes are still closed. It’s Sunday morning.  Not time to get up yet.  Nate is watching a “futbol” game on his computer

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The cost of dreaming

Inspiration.  It’s a tricky and fleeting thing at times.  It visits me in the car or in the haze of the morning before I open my eyes.  I probably should pull over or grab the pen off my nightstand and scribble down these insights because soon, they fade to black. Dreams are the same way.  They visit me in meditations and whispers, in my sleep or wanderings.  I knew someone

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What’s for dinner: Roast Chicken

I used to be scared of whole animals.  I preferred them in manageable pieces: A thigh, a breast, a leg. “Meat” sounds better than “Pig” or “Cow” — a whole animal. Then I had to make Thanksgiving. I never helped my mother cook growing up.  The kitchen was her monastery, her prayer altar, the stove — standing there braising, roasting, stirring.  We knew not to bug her.  The one time

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Welcome 2012: Together we are better

I did it.  I blogged 12 times in one month.  I was super proud of myself and did a little dance; then I took a little break.  However, it quickly dawned on me that I needed to blog…. again. I’m not blogging 12 times in a month again any time soon. It remains fuzzy to me why I chose to make that a goal during the season of advent and

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