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Don’t miss this!

You may remember that in the summer A Beautiful Mess hosted an open mic/ art show evening.  It was such a memorable event with amazing songs, art, and writing that we have decided to make it our holiday gathering this year around Winter Solstice.  After all, what a gift to be able to share our own gifts and talents. And don’t we have enough random white elephant gifts laying around?

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The gift of plenty and empty

This is a week about plenty.  Thanksgiving. Gratitude. Companionship. And yet, I always feel a little trepidation about filling our table with food when so many go without.  Our table will certainly be full this year with family and friends, but we are also reminded of how our food got to our table.  Likewise our stomachs will be full this year, and I drift to thinking of the many hearts

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Today I need to remember

 that I am one person I am limited Grace sustains me it also slows me down that I am capable not of everything; but of a lot I have wisdom It lives deep inside of me and cultivated over time, it grows for every season of “yes” there is one of “no” I really am soy intolerant – stop testing the boundaries but you’re okay As a gifted friend wrote

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