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The time of my life.

Time is something we all have in common. We spend it constantly – more than money, emotions, or fuel.  Some use it more wisely, while others throw caution to the wind, throwing it around like it is an inexhaustible resource. My new year’s resolution for 2011 was to let time be time — to not arrive at the beginning of every month with a worried greeting of, “How in the

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Just sit you silly

“I can see it, it’s just that my feet feel like lead.” “Are you tired?” I am on the phone with my spiritual director.  We are working with a vision where I’m trying to get up a hill – to a house – a house where I feel so safe and like there is no other place I belong but there.  However, I can’t get there. Am I tired? I

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Repairing Divides

Knowing versus experiencing. One of the greatest debates stemming from centuries ago. Head vs. heart – intellect vs. senses – abstract vs. concrete. Yesterday in class we went back and forth between the two sides adding our own commentary to the legendary banter. The topic was Greek vs. Hebrew modes of learning and how that translates into leadership. We noticed society’s bent towards the head, the intellect, the abstract.  Especially

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Welcome and what’s next?

The last year has been full of deep contemplation and questioning.  If you follow this blog at all, then you are keenly aware of that.  The book came out, my job shifted, and all the while I was pondering, “What is next?” In this crazy world at times it seems the answer to “What is next?” is consumption. What do we buy next, consume next, or market next; where can

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