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The Cost of Busyness – an ode to my 80 year old self.

I feel like a cranky grandma right now.  The other morning I found myself in my garden getting mad at insects and waving at drivers to slow down on my street. I can’t be serious? Who am I?! I become a faculty member and suddenly I’m 80? (I might be in this pic) I am starting to understand why my grandpa watched golf all day.  It was his meditation and

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The Paralysis of Beginning

We’ve been home for a week.  During this time we’ve had our first taste of summer – literally. We have started harvesting cucumbers, zucchini, just a couple handfuls of raspberries and tomatoes, and, wait for it, two blueberries! Jam making has commenced as well: Apricot, Vanilla, White Wine and Strawberry Thai Herb.  Our lovely and creative housemate, Beth, helped with these and now we take a breather before this weekend’s

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A Tale of Disappointment & Hope

These past two weeks have been full. Full of travel, hospitality, reconnection, and relationship. The literal journey took me and Nate up to Oregon for a week-long contemplative prayer retreat, followed by another seven days in Washington with family and friends. Computers were sparse; phone service scant, and time was of the essence. Time to read, walk and breathe. Time to taste, feel, reflect and connect. This annual week in

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