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Savoring Summer

Summer is here. The corn reminds me every morning by growing inches each day, just soaking up the heat. Likewise, the tomato garden on the other side of the yard is not complaining. That’s a good thing because we are about to leave for a week of contemplative prayer and no technology – therefore, no blogging.  A week of slowing down, savoring life as only one can when disconnected from

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Finding home sweet home

This past weekend, I hosted an open mic/art show at the homestead.  It was an evening that had me enthralled and I didn’t want it to end.  A poet, a sculptor, a singer and a spoken word performer, amongst a few more writers and creative geniuses, graced us with their offerings.  It was such a sacred time that ushered summer in with profound, but gentle truth.  I am almost at

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A New Path…

I’m sitting at work, at my desk… my empty desk.  The day has been spent going through paperwork and memory-filled-cards and mementoes from the past five years.   I have sorted through my professional life and what is left to this point sits in an assortment of boxes on my office floor. I am leaving my job this week. Pandora keeps reminding me with song titles like, Let Go, Opportunity to

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I’m not the one-year girl

There is a new fad in the world of publishing.  I call it the “One Year Phenomena.” For one year you can try… just about anything: Live the Bible literally or femininely, work in a women’s prison, live locally, try out homelessness, or live according to Oprah… and you’ll get a book deal. I’m only going to say this once (and then explain it a bit – in this blog

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