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You’re Invited….

Join us with your friends on Saturday, June 18th at 7:30pm in Monrovia, California for an unforgettable evening of sharing from the heart.  Register now to share your original: * essay * poem * spoken word * song * photograph * painting We will meet the weekend before Summer Solstice to celebrate the changing of seasons. Using that prompt, please create something, or pick something you already have with a

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Making a Mess in Colorado

A lot of paper was ripped in the past four days. And with every tear, I pray that something in the world was stitched up. I flew to Denver last Thursday.  It was the fourth trip I’ve been on in a month.  This spring has encompassed another country, another county, another state, and all different kinds of amazing events and people at every stop. The three events scheduled for this

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Starting Blocks

One of the worst memories I can still feel in the core of my being is getting in the starting blocks at the beginning of a sprint.  In high school I was a 100m hurdler.  If you know me, then you’re probably thinking, “Huh… that’s funny, she’s pretty short.”  Short but determined.  (That could be a motto for my life). I loved jumping over obstacles – running in straight lines

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