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Inspiraton and updates

It is holy week in the Church.  This time always brings about feelings of anticipation mixed with grief and hope.  I felt a need for some inspiration and in light of it being holy week, I wanted to pass on this amazing short video with an incredible spoken word performance by Sarah Kay. Her storytelling ability captures one’s attention as we are in a week of a most memorable story.

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On legacy and time (or getting out of funk part 2)

I’m sitting in my home office having just gone back to my regular part time job at a local university.  The last three months I have filled in for a dear friend and co-worker while she bonded with her new baby.  I’m trying to get out of my funk (aka writer’s block) as I “go back” to my old routine by showing up and writing…. and then starting over again,

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Shadow of Myself: A Confession

I forgot something the last couple of months and for that I must apologize.  You made me remember.  I have forgotten myself. Last week when I pieced together the pictures of our homestead, I was struck by the surge of energy I had in working on it as well as the almost 200 visits (and counting) to that entry in particular. I’ve been in a season of emergence. A season

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