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The Evolution of our Homestead

Something rare is happening in Southern California – it’s raining.  Due to that circumstance, the promised vlog didn’t happen. However that didn’t stop me from thinking of something creative to share with you.  I’m actually MORE excited to share this post with you. We’ve started working on our yard again… well, we’ve continued in the ever expanding project that is the back half of our property.  Spring is in the

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Solidarity in Opposites: A Lenten Contemplation

This past Thursday, Nate and I took the metro into downtown LA for the monthly art walk event.  Dozens of businesses and stark empty halls transform into colorful displays as dusk approaches. First, we found our way to the menagerie of food trucks nestled tightly together in vacant parking lots.  Now full with colorful doors and windows shaping an eclectic food court we were almost paralyzed by our options: pulled

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