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Home: A commentary on my “next chapter”

I love receiving letters about the book, comments on the blog, and interacting with audiences at different events.  Since the book has come out a funny thing has happened.  I’ve been able to rest into the message as a vocational stamp on my life as well as laugh and cry with other perfectionists trying to find recovery from the madness.  However, there is another introspective anomaly that happens when I

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Perfectionist Pictures

Saturday I had the honor of hosting a workshop at my home.  I was excited even before these seven women came over because I knew a little bit about almost all of them and also predicted that they would get along splendidly.  Lucky for me, I was right.  They came in ready to slow down, relax, breathe, and share and I couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful day with

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tweets and workshops

just a few quick items: > Kristin is on Twitter – follow her shorter musings there – would love to see more of you (and follow you) > There was an error on the newsletter listing two dates for the Perfectionism Workshop (new tag line – it’s about releasing perfection, not perfecting it).  The workshop is on Saturday, January 22nd. There are still spots available – would love to have

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Vulnerable Post (TED video)

Today I was keenly aware of the scene from Julie and Julia where Julie comes home from a bad day at work and says that even though she’s had a bad day she knows if eggs and flour and chocolate are whisked together you will get a decadent dessert. My life has been that way as of late.  Potholes have met me every other day just when I thought the

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A New Year, A New Adventure

Happy New Year!  As I said in the previous post, this year is going to require more of my imagination than ever.  And I shot a video today to show you why that is. As if the inside of the house wasn’t enough…. You can check it out below and also find by watching how to win a free copy of the book. Find me on Twitter

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