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The wrong foot, is the right one

My life is starting to feel a bit Bridget Jones’-ish.  Not in the sense that I plan on running down the street in my underwear any time soon.  Rather, this past week has been a time of expecting one thing and getting another.  Seems a tad appropriate considering New Years, a time of expectations, is upon us all.  I’m already having to release them, my expectations that is. I’m struck

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Ungrind interview

My dear friend and fellow writer, Christin Taylor, interviewed me about the book not too long ago.  She is extremely talented and gifted in her own rite and I was honored to do this.  Check out the interview here. Let me know what you think or what other questions you have.

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From our homestead…

Merry Christmas!!  Every year my husband and I try to think of a funny idea for our Christmas card – last year was Snuggies, this year was no exception after establishing our urban homestead- well, see for yourself: From our homestead to your….. happy holidays!  love, the ritzaus (please still read the blog after you see this picture-it’s a new low for me)

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With-ness: An advent reading

This past weekend, I was invited to partake in the advent activities at our church.  Every week for the past month, someone has shared a reading while other participants light one of the advent candles.  Our themes over the past few weeks have been time, openness, untamed and for this last week: with. Here is the reading: “I am waiting in a silent prayer. I am frightened by the load

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Words from Anne Lamott

I stumbled across this article today and it is giving me a slice of hope on this night when a storm is on its way into town – literally and metaphorically.  Made me think: when I’m 80 will I love myself or need to forgive myself…. Time Lost and Found by Anne Lamott (Sunset Magazine 4/2010)

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Cypress Book Tour Stop

Last night I had the absolute fortune of meeting a lovely group of women in Cypress, Calif.  I was greeted by my wonderful hosts, Jamie and Kasey, where I was also introduced to these – Exhibit A: Yes those are cookies, but they are very special and I can honestly say that this is the first cookie that practically made its way up my nose because this is what you

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BOOK GIVEAWAYS (and the first 3 chapters) just in time for Christmas!!

In honor of having 300 copies of A Beautiful Mess sold in the first three months of print, I am going to give out 3 free copies to the first three comments (from separate people) on this blog.  That’s a lot of threes. Thank you to all of you who have made that number possible. The response has been overwhelming and I have been so moved by the emails and

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