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The past two weeks have been filled with many memorable events.  It’s been hard to find time to write and, even more so, show-up to what is (I plan on writing more on this topic soon).  Although this month has been packed, I did find a moment to move on to my new art journal.  I started art journaling in 2007 and just finished my first journal at the beginning

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Poem from a friend

My friend, Melissa Mills, wrote a beautiful poem about her journey that I have shared at a few different speaking engagements during the past few weeks.  I wanted to post it here so more of you could hear her honest words and the truth in this poem about forgiving ourselves and choosing relief.  Thanks Melissa for sharing your spirit of healing with us! I forgive you for not having your legs

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An Election Prayer

Can I be honest for a moment?  I hate election years. There I said it.  I hate coming home from work to a mailbox full of paper screaming at me in BOLD TYPE: VOTE YES/VOTE NO. Vote for me; Screw them; Everyone else is evil; I am right, no wait I’m left, but I’m correct and you’re wrong.  If elected I will save us… from what? Can I get a

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Know Your Role or Being Known

“There’s this saying: ‘They are the nicest people you’ll never know,” my girlfriend said in a somber tone.  “I’m not sure how to meet people.” She was reflecting on her recent move to a new town and I was her conduit of encouragement from two states away. “Have you thought about a different church?” I replied in an upbeat, proactive voice, hoping that my revelation might help. It didn’t turn

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