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The Issue of Caring for our Neighbor

As I listen to my washing machine that is about as old as I am rattle and shake, I too woke this morning a little rattled and shaken.  The past few weeks I have written a bit on self-care: How it makes you aware; it brings you to a deeper place within yourself and it makes you care. You see, when you know you are loved, then you can’t help

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Belonging: Post Retreat Thoughts

I’m still processing what happened this past weekend. I can’t put everything into words and I don’t think I’m supposed to. But the word that keeps coming to mind as a descriptor is belonging. The woman caught in the act of adultery set the stage for our retreat. She was alone, living up to a society’s definition of who she was supposed to be. Ripped out of bed — the

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Actual Self-Care 101

The reality of this post is that I am not writing it. My dear husband is transcribing as I talk while nursing a wound. There was a pot on the stove with a handle. I did not realize that pot had just come out of the oven, so I grabbed it and proceeded to burn the lower third of my right hand. So quickly I realized that for a life

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Self-Care 101: The Intimacy of Contemplative Prayer

I sat down to write today and couldn’t find a good starting place.  So I’ll start there. I knew the concepts of what I wanted to write about this week: Self-care = intimacy and that I have found intimacy with myself and God through contemplative prayer. I am on a journey of getting to know the self that God wants me to be which is all tangled up in the

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