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February workshop pics

I had a lovely time yesterday with a group of fabulous women at the Recovering Perfectionists Workshop.  Here are some pictures of our time together: For more pictures click here!  (Become a fan on Facebook too)

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Ashes to Ashes: a perfectionist’s take on lent

As I sat in Ash Wednesday service this evening, it was brought to my attention that there were millions who did the same today.  It moved me to think of the human race all with ashes on their foreheads representing individual and communal lamentation. I love traditions, especially ones that have been passed down over thousands of years. There is a rich legacy in this day around the world that

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A blog worth checking out

As I still am trying to get over this cold and find some thoughts in my brain worth writing down, I have been reading a lot of other people’s blogs/books/articles/etc.  One of the young women I mentor has started her own blog and it is completely worth checking out.  She has one of the most beautiful and artistic art journals I have seen and I am inspired by her.  She

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Retreat brochure now available!

REGISTRATION IS OPEN FOR THE APRIL 16-18TH RETREAT! Cissy and I will be headed to Santa Barbara in April to lead the Perfectly Impurfikt retreat again!  We are excited about having women gather in a safe place to stop and reflect on their lives, gather with other women, and find healing from this crazy culture we live in!  We hope you will consider joining us. Click here and scroll down

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Making sense of sickness

I have a confession.  I have been in a dysfunctional relationship for the past three and a half years.  It started one afternoon with my heart beating out of control and it has been a love/hate relationship ever since.  When things are in sync life seems bright and possibilities endless.  However, when there are long wrestling matches, I wind up jaded and broken, tired and hurt.  While tackling this relationship

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