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White flags

It has been a long, wet week in Southern California.  Rain is to L.A. what snow is to Seattle:  Life stops, people stay home, others forget how to drive, and even more of us gather at the windows to watch it fall.  It’s pretty funny when I stop to think about it.  In addition to the weather, my husband was traveling for work on the other side of the world

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people… not projects

Well, El Nino has finally come to Southern California.  After months of projections and predictions, the showers started yesterday and promise not to let up for a week. As I sit here and look out my window at my backyard soaking up this downpour, all I see are unfinished projects: a deck not stained, a staircase that needs to be built, a half built chicken coop, and a struggling vegetable

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Falling in Love with Food

Last night I had the pleasure of hosting a living room full of women who wanted to fall in love with food.  We had a food meditation, shared stories, and learned a lot.  One of my favorite things about A Beautiful Mess workshops is when the women teach each other.  We have so much wisdom in our bodies and souls and it would be a shame if I did all

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a gem of a talk

I have watched this three times in a week.  It is one of the best speeches I have heard in quite a while. It is worth 20 minutes of your time. Let me know what you think!

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Well after a few technical imperfections and lots of effort, the new updated site is here! I apologize to those of you who received two newsletters… technology is not my gift, but I’m learning. Check it out and make yourself at home here. I hope you will visit often. Blessings on your journeys friends!

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I stalk people (and another important announcement)

I grew up before women in ministry were a popular trend. I’m not sure it’s taken off quite yet, but it is more “in” now than it was 15 years ago. Sure the pastors’ wives were around a bit. I even had coffee with them on occasion, but in terms of teaching, I was not formally taught by women in the church. When I left for college, other than my

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Hello Twenty-Ten

I am a sucker for bookstores and libraries. The thought of the amount of ink that has been spilled over the course of centuries excites me.  The thought of a Kindle petrifies me.  I love books.  Each bound page is someone’s opus, thesis, or work of art. I sometimes wonder what my life would look like if I just read book after book, only stopping to eat and sleep.  How

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