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The Darker Days of Christmas

There was a shooting a block from my house less than 48 hours ago.  We heard the cracks from the gun in quick succession — bang – bang – bang – bang – bang.  Five of them.  We wanted to believe they were fireworks.  However, the with the cop car shining a light in our front yard and a helicopter spotlighting our backyard, it clearly was not celebratory. A 22-year-old

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Christmas Means

My friend wrote this for a Christmas service we were at last week and surprised me with it.  I hope that you will find a piece of what Christmas means to you in it. Christmas Means by, Bryan Taylor Over 2,000 years ago, a small child came into the world.  This child was born into a family that had just started.  They had no significance, no large amount of money

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Life outside of lifegroups

In the last decade a new model of community at churches has taken off – the life group. It disguises itself with other names such as home group, accountability group, small group, cell group, etc. As churches get bigger and people feel more disconnected, they find their connection through these groups. I have been part of at least six groups in the last eight years. There has been great transformation,

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