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Twilight’s Captivating Power

I am starting this blog with an admission: I have jumped on the bandwagon. Last December I had a procedure that left me in bed for 3 days, so my friends became Edward, Bella, and Jacob.  The story flowed through the poor grammar choices and mushy teenage love scenes that spewed their angst, rebellion, and hormones everywhere.  I wanted to know what would happen next and dove further into this

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Burning Shame

A few weeks ago we held the first Soul and Sexuality Retreat.  We gathered on Friday night to burn our shame wall that we collectively made up in Santa Barbara.  It was a moving night where we were able to reconnect and hold each other in the grace we have been given.  We burned the shame notes not because we think there is power in doing so, but as a

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The War That Will Not End

I remember the sniper attacks.  It was only a year after 9-11 and everyone was still a little on edge.  I was in college and the war was just getting started.  I bought my shirt with a flag on it and wore it proudly.  I was and am proud to be an American, most of the time.  Last week, I was getting ready to speak at a retreat and missed

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Please STOP talking

“What gives you hope?” It was the question that started it all. Last Thursday I spoke at a venue to women and men who had a passion for working with young adults. I talked about the retreats and workshops I lead, but mainly about creating safe spaces for women to heal from a culture of unrealistic expectations of perfection. By introducing different self-care and contemplative tools, women have awakened to

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