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The Swine Flu vs. The Quarter Pounder

Today it was reported that up to 90,000 people could die from the swine flu this Fall.  I’m sorry, I mean the H1N1 flu virus.  It is namely worrisome for children and young adults and the University of Kansas has already reported 47 cases.  (Mind you, the flu leads to 40,000 deaths each year as it is. So I’m not sure what the fascination with this particular flu is about.)

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Lollygagging in Summer

August is a weird month.  As a child it was a pensive place between the lollygagging of summer and the newness of another year in school.  Reflective yet forward thinking; carefree yet planning.  Today as I drove home from the first day our students returned to work in our office for another year, I was behind a car with a large Transformers logo.  It caught me off guard.  It didn’t

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the heat of summer emotions

Jealousy. Envy. Anger.  As the heat of the summer keeps baking us alive, so do emotions overwhelm us.  The most break-ups and arguments happen in the summer.  It’s as if we sweat conflict out of our pores.  My emotions were definitely directed towards the Bachelorette this summer as I reflect on The Most Dramatic Season yet and my tirades of the false reality of TV romance. I spent the weekend

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