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10 things I’m grateful for this week

10. Our house has not fallen apart and actually is quite peaceful now that the work is done 9. It’s no longer 90 degrees outside and really does feel like Fall now 8. I love my job.  The fact that I can wake up and say that is amazing because I know a lot of people can’t say that. I don’t say that to spite others, rather I say it

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perfect presents

As the holiday season swings into full effect, I have become keenly aware of another area I strive to be “perfect” in: the role of the gift giver.  I don’t really care what I receive as long as I can be “the sister that remembered,” “the daughter who made mom well-up,” “the cool aunt.”  In a moment of pure honesty, I am struck by how much the gift that I

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Dangerous Experiment

This morning I watched a video segment on CNN that was rather disturbing.  A pastor in Texas is encouraging couples in his 20,000 person congregation to have sex for the next 7 days.  Needless to say, I thought something should be said about it (this will make more sense after you read the article).  After I wrote it, it was a bit too long for a blog, so I hope

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Last night we came home to the terrible news that my alma mater was on fire.  A brush fire in the area of Montecito swept through the canyon and within a matter of 4 hours Westmont College was caught in the middle.  The students were evacuated to the gym, which ironically was designed for such an event.  It is the safest shelter in Santa Barbara County due to the construction

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10 words I’m tired of

1. Politics 2. Busy 3. To-do 4. Power 5. Conservative 6. Liberal 7. Balance 8. Fine 9. Yes 10. Relax

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messy room.messy art

I am finally using my studio!!  I had yet to post pictures for hope that one day it will be completely organized and clean, but that’s not the point of a “Beautiful Mess” room.  I finally took pictures of my place of inspiration and also attached some new artwork as well to inspire you to create 🙂 My flea market chandelier with my brown walls and blue ceiling… I love

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A Recent Study…

This past week there has been plenty of news to capture my attention.  Amongst everything going on in our nation last week there was a sexuality study of 2,000 teenagers done and the results were worth noting.  It was “found” that the ones who watched the more sexual shows were the ones who most likely wound up pregnant.  Now, I haven’t read the complete study so I do not know

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Ignation Contemplation

I posted a new spiritual practice, well it’s not new, it’s about 500 years old, but it might be new to you! Let me know how you like it.   Check it out by clicking here!

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Happy Halloween!

I wanted to share a few pictures from our weekend! June Cleaver and the Mad Scientist… both of which we could only be on Halloween Sarah Palin with the food table… so nice of her to stop by 🙂 And Barack Obama… it was a great evening! Cutest family award The Wild Things… …thanks to those who came for getting into it… and we missed those of you not there….

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