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Dreams realized.

This weekend was the first Beautiful Mess Groups workshop.  It was a dream come true for me to have a space to do this in and women to do it with!  On Saturday we gathered for 4 hours of journaling, making messes and tearing things up.  It was a day of release and giving up control.. and it was definitely messy!  Below are a few pictures of the day… We

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my book, art book that is…

With all of the work on the house, I realized I haven’t put my latest artwork up recently.  I guess the house has been a work of art though too.  In recent months, I have been putting together an art book that is relevant to the topics A Beautiful Mess is about.  A few of these pieces were posted in June, but I have had a handful of creative moments

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Well the kitchen is half done and we couldn’t be happier about the transformation.  It’s been a rough road, one where no one saw what was up ahead, but here we are at our first stopping point and wondering, “hmm, what do we work on now?”  Actually we’re rather grateful for the rest.  We had to redo all of the water pipes, (we hired someone- we’re not that good…yet) :). 

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As part of my job, I help put together forums at our university on topics that are sometimes controversial or hard to talk about.  Last week, the conversation was about sexuality.  In previous posts I have written a bit about sexuality, but not a lot since I have to save some material for the book.  🙂 But today I wanted to pass along a person I started networking with and

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