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…newsletter continues…

Some of you let me kow that the newsletter appeared as “funny computer language” on your computer.  My webmaster has informed me that some computers and email servers have problems with “high tech fancy” newsletters.  Just to keep you in the loop, I will be sending out a text version on all of the coming newsletters so everyone can read them.  Wouldn’t want you to miss out!  I appreciate those of you letting

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Time is on our side…

I wish I could fast forward a year from now and see our house.  I’ve been wishing for a lot of things lately, but mostly for our house to be done… done taking 3 trips a weekend to Home Depot. Done with the landscaping we haven’t even started.  Done with the kitchen remodel that just keeps going and going… done. It would be lovely to kick back and enjoy the results

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cold tangerines

Yesterday I had the privilege of hearing a Westmont grad who has published a great book in the past year.  Her name is Shauna Niequist and after speaking in chapel, I had the opportunity to attend a round table discussion with a handful of fabulous women from my work at APU.  In her book, Cold Tangerines, Shauna gives snapshots into her life, past and present, and what it means to

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…where have I been?

Here are new pics of our house… quite the transformation Dining room – same view as picture below My lovely husband in our “new” living room – new light fixture, new paint, “new” floors, and our furniture finally! 🙂 Fireplace – craftsman style… that is the only thing that we haven’t improved in the last month.  Everything else has new paint, new floors, new fixtures, new everything!! Guest Bedroom –

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