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I’m so sorry for my absence as of late.  I have forgotten how crazy this time of year is when you work in higher education.  Our students returned last week and I have been working for 12 days straight… needless to say, that hasn’t left a lot of time for anything other than collapsing when I get home!  🙂  It’s a ton of fun working with college students, but also

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My girlfriends and I have a little obsession: we’re in love with teeny bopper flicks.  5 years ago, when we were all working at our first jobs out of college and sharing bathrooms, closets and shoes, we would cook a big dinner and rent the latest Mandy Moore or Lindsey Lohan movie while reminiscing about high school sweethearts and asking, “We’re we really like that?”  Yes, yes we were… god

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I went to one of my favorite places in Los Angeles today: Our Lady of the Angels Cathedral right in the heart of downtown.  While I wandered around this massive building, two themes stood out to me: simplicity and grandeur.  I sat down on a pew in the sanctuary where there is hardly any gold, nor ornaments of any kind.  There is a mural of people looking towards the cross,

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10 things I wish I would’ve know about buying a house

1. Never bid on a short sale – it does not mean short as in time 2. You’ll spend more than you planned and then more on rennovating than you planned 3. Your new favorite stores stores will no longer be J. Crew and H & M, they will now be Home Depot and Lowes 4. Your marriage will suffer more and be rewarded more in this process than you

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