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Here are the same areas of the house as below My studio With a blue ceiling 🙂 …that’s all for now.. once the furniture is in and more items are installed I will put some more pictures up.  Thanks for all of the encouraging words and messages about the house!  It truly is the theme house for A Beautiful Mess!!

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This is what I walked into 2 weeks ago… The stench was foul, the house so dirty there was a film of dust and grime covering everything and there was just a complete lack of respect for someone’s home.  Needless to say, I couldn’t believe this was my “new” home. In all honesty, that night as I lay in our bed at the apartment, I was completely overwhelmed with the

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The house is taking over my life right now!  Who knew there were so many choices for green paint! We move next week after the remodeling and then life won’t be so crazy. I have a ton of ideas floating around in my head for articles and blog entries, so please keep checking back for updates soon. 

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One year ago today I was on a plane to China.  I promised my best friend when she and her husband had their first child I would come visit her (She moved to China 5 years ago).  So when Josiah turned 5 months old, I got on a plane and went to go meet him.  This story isn’t about him though, it’s about the journey I went on to get

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New article: Transitioning Well

There is a new article under the article section of the website. This article came from the fact that I have a lot of transition going on in my own life and have witnessed quite a bit of transition in the lives of loved ones around me.  Hope you enjoy it!

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Our independence

Happy 4th of July everyone!  Things have been nuts around here!!  We have been picking out new carpet and blinds and furniture for the new house.  There will be tons of “house metaphor” blogs in the future.  Right now the house is in shambles which is kind of appropriate for how I’m feeling – like my mind is going in 10 different directions.  Once we move at the end of

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