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taking up space

I’ve been pondering about what to write about this week as I’ve spent time processing the retreat I went on.  So much happened, but a lot had to do with being at home in my body.  As I reflected on everything I’ve been through this past year, all of which has been experienced in this body, I started to think about the space we occupy.  We occupy the space in

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I guess I mean that in more than one way today… first home sweet home as returning from a journey.  second home sweet home as in the home we are in the process of purchasing (thank you for your prayers-lots more stories to come). lastly home sweet home more so in myself, mind, body and soul. I returned last night after driving 10 hours by myself to get home to

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Once a year I get away to the mountains of Oregon and turn off all electronic equipment.  While this is a needed rejuvenation period for my spirit, it also means no blogging.  🙁  I have loved sharing my stories with you all and will have lots more to write about after this week.  So check back after June 23rd and I will be back online again. P.S. Thank you for

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Happy birthday to me… new life song

I randomly turned on the television this morning to receive a gift on my birthday. I didn’t know I would be until I heard a song that spoke to me in an unimaginable way. I have been searching for a life song for a while – a life song is a song that represents your life in this moment. They can change, morph, or you can even write your own.

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the thing about being messy

Last night I attended a powerful church service about Nehemiah. One of our pastors spoke about how Nehemiah was an activist and he knew what he wanted to do. His boldness led him to ask the King for what he knew he wanted and time to do it – rebuild the walls of Jerusalem. He prayed for 120 days to prepare for that request. The messiness of the situation was

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I got to visit the Huntington Gardens and Library for the first time today. It was a beautiful experience. My husband took me to afternoon tea to celebrate our third wedding anniversary. While we were there I was reminded of a past journal entry that I wanted to share with you all that revolved around flowers: I’m the rock, the stable one, the perfectionist…who knew that behind closed doors tenderness

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Here are some of the pictures from this past weekend’s photo walk and the art book I started. The focus of my book became my workshops and what I want to share with women. It was an extremely moving process to express myself through painting and tearing paper as well as looking through the lens of camera. Enjoy! Yoga Lady Going Green There’s a little girl in all of us

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