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the newsletter…

I wish I would’ve thought of this before sending out the corrected newsletter, but oh well.  As most of you probably noticed on Monday I sent out the “first official A Beautiful Mess Newsletter.”  In classic-Kristin style all did not go according to plan and you received a “second-first official ….” [you get the idea].  Needless to say it was quite an embarrassing moment.  However, shortly after sending the newsletters

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“fast” food

Last week I had the fortunate experience to take 6 women on an overnight retreat.  I hope to do many more of these in the future, but hopefully they can be more than one night.  While there I led them in different meditations and exercises, some of which are listed on the “favorites” page (which will be updated soon).  One interesting story that I wanted to share is from when

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Diet Sin

I was at one of my groups today and my friend Kristen F. started talking about unhealthy body image and how we don’t really think of it as a strict “sin”. She called it sin on the light side and so I chimed in with “diet sin”. We often think in our culture, “oh diet means it’s better.” But often times diets and even “diet” food are full of preservatives

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Scheduling time

My husband has been gone for a week on various trips. Today I set aside a whole day for us to be together. He said, “It’s sad that we have to schedule time to spend time together – is that what we’ve come to?” After thinking about this for a few seconds I said, “Why is is a bad thing? I think it’s good and needed.” We’re in a day

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New Article

Life is crazy right now, I can’t believe I haven’t posted in a few days.  Lots happening… but I did have time to write a new article! Check it out by clicking here. Thanks for writing comments on the blog and on the “connect” page!  I’m trying to get back to everyone, so keep coming with the comments.  Also the first newsletter will be coming your way soon as well. 

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The end or the beginning

This evening was the end of a journey with a group of women I deeply admire and respect. My second beautiful mess group came to close, of which 4 members have been with me for 2 years. It was a time of funny stories, a few tears, and a good bottle of wine. It was a time of thanksgiving and celebration as well. We’re continuing on in different ways, but

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To the women in my life…

Recently I have been in the honored position to witness a lot life’s transitions in my friend’s lives. I dedicate this song to the ones who have let me walk next to them in their transitions… to the graduates, moms, wives, best friends, and beautiful messes… I thank you – “your courage asks me what I’m afraid of”… I Saw What I Saw by Sara Groves (click on title to

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