hello this is kristin ritzau
photo of kristin ritzau

And she would like to share a secret with you:

you are not perfect

Welcome! I’m honestly glad you’re here.

This space is dedicated to sharing stories about my roles as an author, spiritual director, recovering perfectionist, and urban homesteader.

My blog is all about starting conversations on these topics, so please do not hesitate to leave a comment.

I wrote a book: A Beautiful Mess: A Perfectionist’s Journey Through Self-Care, which you can learn more about here or check it out on Amazon. 

I am also actively seeing clients in my spiritual direction practice, so if you’re curious about spiritual disciplines or what a direction session with me could look like in person or over the phone, please check out the information on the site.

Lastly, there are multiple opportunities for discovery in the events section.  Here you can learn about workshops as well as if you would like to host one for your women’s groups, book clubs, retreats, or church gatherings.